MMS Seminars

I’ve received a heads up from Jim’s newsletter that he will be holding another seminar on MMS very soon. Marianne and I have discussed his seminars on Super-Duper Woo-Fighting Duo (with capes!) before Ā  Basically, to sum them up though, Jim is in the Dominican Republic. This has been verified a number of times including […]

Biology modules

So, I did two of my biology exams today. B1 exam was fantastic. It even had a question about a drug trial comparing simvastatin, pravastatin and placebo. As I read through it though, I noticed one possible flaw in the study – it was only single blind. Also, a flaw in the question – it […]


So, The One Show is not the only program I have appeared on. Viewable here: There are a few, so here is the first – BAMZOOKi! Laugh if you will, I was young(er)! When we were there, the flat image was projected onto the board, with the 3D being added in real time. Also, the […]

A Poem about Calcium Carbonate

As promised on Twitter, here is my calcium carbonate poem. This was not a task for English, but for chemistry instead. This might prove to some that I am not an airhead! šŸ˜‰ Tums Calcium carbonate 500mgs Plus glucose, fruit flavours and a couple of Es. Packed into round tablets, they look quite a treat. […]

RodialĀ Ltd.

Today, I called Rodial Ltd. to ask if they had any scientific evidence for their product, Boob job. As you may know, Rodial have sued a prominent British plastic surgeon, Dalia Nield, for saying that it’s highly unlikely that the Ā£125-a-bottle cream would increase breast size. You can read more on thisĀ here. This is another […]

Crohn’s disease – Part 1

Hello everyone, Today I am gonna be writing the first in a series about something a little more personal than normal – my Crohn’s disease. Maybe the best place to start would be how I was diagnosed. Around last December, I started suffering from fatigue. It progressed until I was coming in from school, crashing […]