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General Life Updates

I have a bit of *news* about *me*! The Good I am mere days away from turning 18! From the 22nd October, I will be able to buy alcohol, vote in elections and other things that only adults are allowed to do! I’m going to be speaking for two Skeptics in the Pub events in […]

Diary of a Rhys

I’ve been video blogging for a month now, so I think it’s time that I word blog about it. I decided to start video blogging because it seemed like a good way to talk about my life and stuff I wouldn’t necessarily talk about on this here main blog. They’re 3 to 4 minutes long. […]

lap desk and bag Trabasack Mini_2

Trabasack – a review

For nearly 2 weeks now, I’ve been using the Trabasack – a bag designed for laptops. I was given a free bag on the grounds that I review it on my blog, so here I am, reviewing it! The Trabasack is a hybrid between a messenger bag and a backpack. This is because the straps […]

When I was almost stabbed

About four years ago, my friend Will and I had finished a hard day’s car cleaning. We used to go round houses offering our car cleaning services for £3 – 5, depending on the size of the car. Our customers were always happy with the service. We even made leaflets, posted them through people’s letterboxes […]


As you may know, the Bleachgate affair started with a bad experience on an alt-med supporting Crohn’s disease “support” forum. I propose that a skeptical support forum/blog be set up, for people to converse with skeptical and rational people. This is probably going to be my main “project” throughout the summer holidays, a long time […]

Cleverbot + Omegle

This website is absolutely genius. It mashed up Cleverbot and Omegle for epic lulz. Most of the time, you will see a conversation between Cleverbot and a real life human. These are generally hilarious, as the human doesn’t know that they’re talking to a bot. Stranger: hi CleverBot: What is your name? Stranger: Adrian whats […]

Local Blog Nut

It appears I have a nutcase on my blog. He writes one-word-per-line comments. He thinks that because I asked him why he writes one-word-per-line comments, I am schizophrenic or autistic. I have just discovered that he has written a “poem” about me. Here it is… rhys morgan tar baby venus fly trap or sundew? a […]

Cardiff Skeptics Homeopathy Event

Cardiff Skeptics Homeopathy Event

Due to being the one to suggest it, and Dean and Alice being away on the weekend planned, I am organising a Cardiff Skeptics homeopathy event! Huzzah! If it all goes wrong though, blame them though for letting a kid run the show 😉 Honestly though, I’m planning for the event to go down on […]

Super-Duper Woo-Fighting Duo (with capes!)

MMS Seminars

I’ve received a heads up from Jim’s newsletter that he will be holding another seminar on MMS very soon. Marianne and I have discussed his seminars on Super-Duper Woo-Fighting Duo (with capes!) before   Basically, to sum them up though, Jim is in the Dominican Republic. This has been verified a number of times including […]