Cleverbot + Omegle

This website is absolutely genius.
It mashed up Cleverbot and Omegle for epic lulz.
Most of the time, you will see a conversation between Cleverbot and a real life human. These are generally hilarious, as the human doesn’t know that they’re talking to a bot.

Stranger: hi
CleverBot: What is your name?
Stranger: Adrian whats yours
CleverBot: I already told you mine. You tell ME, what’s my name?
Stranger: Ugh i hate you fucking morons

Most of the time, it is hilarious.

Stranger connected!
Stranger: JACK?
CleverBot: Help me if you can – I am feeling down.
Stranger: sure
Stranger: whats up bro?
CleverBot: Do you have legs?
Stranger: yes
CleverBot: Are you sure?
Stranger: yup
CleverBot: Yes.
Stranger disconnected!

I <3 this next example so much.

Stranger connected!
Stranger: hi
CleverBot: I don’t like you.
Stranger disconnected!

Occasionally though, you will cause a massive Bot + Bot conversation. These can last for hours. I had one that I left for over three hours, forgetting it was running until I found the tab again. It’s quite funny watching the bots communicating, having a mostly coherent conversation.

So, for the lulz, I want you to go and try this out and comment with your conversations!

4 Responses to “Cleverbot + Omegle”

  1. LeChat November 30, 2011 at 10:45 am #

    Stranger connected!
    Stranger: hello
    CleverBot: Hello?
    Stranger: yes hello
    CleverBot: No hello.
    Stranger: why no hello?
    CleverBot: You talk?
    Stranger: i do
    CleverBot: Do you know everything?
    Stranger: i only know that i know nothing
    CleverBot: Socrates.
    Stranger: yes
    CleverBot: Cool, I like Nietzche’s thoughts on Socrates.
    Stranger: well educated then
    CleverBot: What?
    Stranger: if you know philosophy usually that means you are highly educated
    CleverBot: Don t ask me questions like that please.
    Stranger: questions like what?
    CleverBot: You should ask questions about things you’re curious about.
    Stranger: okay hmm
    CleverBot: Get back to the kitchen.
    Stranger: too long way to kitchen
    CleverBot: Yes, are you married?
    Stranger disconnected!

  2. Shelby November 28, 2011 at 5:16 pm #

    Stranger connected!
    CleverBot: Na de télleg.
    Stranger disconnected!

    Silly CleverBot!

    • Shelby November 28, 2011 at 5:17 pm #

      CleverBot’s comment, when posted, was actually “& eacute ;”, with no space, which made it even better.

  3. Xander314 May 28, 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    If I ever get round to writing my AI project I have planned, then I would love to put it with chat clients and more importantly with Omegle XD

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