A joint statement from Rhys Morgan and Hayley Stevens

In 2012 we helped to form The Heresy Club – a website for young writers focusing on atheism, skepticism and free-thought. However, as of today we have both made the decision to withdraw as contributors to The Heresy Club. It has become apparent that the website is taking a direction that we did not initially intend or envision, and it is one we do not want to be associated with. As young people involved in the atheism/skepticism/free-thought communities we felt it was important for such a platform to exist, but we wanted it to be a platform from which we could engage in positive discussion and critical examination about how these communities exist within a wider society, with a particular focus on how young people are involved in these communities.

Unfortunately this is not what the website has become, and The Heresy Club that exists today is not one that we want to be associated with as it feels as though controversy is often being used in place of evidence-based discussion. We cannot endorse this. We will continue to write on our personal websites where we are in control of how we are portrayed – not through the words of others, but through our own words and actions instead.

Rhys Morgan blogs at: http://rhysmorgan.co

Hayley Stevens blogs at: http://hayleyisaghost.co.uk

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