Valentine’s Day

Today, I have been making little notes in my pocket notebook thing.

As some of you will know, my bitterness about it being Valentine’s Day and not having someone to celebrate it with exploded onto Twitter last night.

I thought I would follow this up with a whole blogpost, so as to get it out of my system.

My day was as follows:


In the car on the way to school. The radio is on, but thankfully there are no mentions of it being Valentine’s Day so far.


Of course, I spoke too soon! How predictable… Radio presenters discuss a tweet from Marvin of JLS wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day.


In school. No sign of any of the couples yet.


I broach the topic of Valentine’s Day with some of my friends. B. Patz doesn’t care for Valentine’s Day. He wants it to be Pancake Day instead, because it’s much better.


Just seen a spoiler for today’s assembly. It’s about Valentine’s Day. Crap.


Mentioned my bitterness to my friends. They seem to feel similarly or don’t care.


Very sickly, lovey-dovey assembly. My headmaster talked about the history of Valentine’s Day, then moved onto the commercialisation of the day. Assembly finished with a love song playing behind some pictures of Valentine’s Day cards. There was a good one though, as seen to the left.


In ICT. Fire alarm just went off. Almost lost this notebook to non-existent flames. I was about to write about listening to “Like a Boss” where the main character is rejected by Debra. This leads to a chain of bitterness. =/


Turns out I am in solidarity with more brothers than I first imagined. I am, however, the most bitter. *sigh*


Discussing doing an interview, with my friend Callam, about Valentine’s Day. Other friend, Danielle, also bitter about Valentine’s Day, even though she’s in a relationship. I ask her if this is because she has bad memories. She says yes. I ask her if she still has the kangaroo plush toy I gave her about four years ago. She says yes. Probably the source of the bad memories. (I was rejected, by the way)


Just recorded interview with Callam about Valentine’s Day. Listen below.

Callam Interview


Harvey just asked me what I got my “gash” for Valentine’s Day. I said nothing. He told me I was disgraceful.


Just recorded two more interviews – one with Danielle, one with Doki (he is just as bitter as I am.) Hear the interviews below.

Danielle Interview & Doki Interview


Noticed I am randomly singing George Hrab’s “Brainsbodyboth” to myself. Getting weird looks.


Had a very interesting chemistry lesson, discussing relationships with people on my table. She was on the table. Did not broach subject with her. In fact, I told her (jokingly) that she did nothing for me. She realised it was said in jest, thank goodness…


This is the transcript of an interview with my friend, B. Patz.

Me: So, B. have you ever ever received any VD cards?

B. Patz: Umm… no.

Me: Have you ever got any presents?

B. Patz: No.

Me: Do you enjoy Valentine’s Day?

B. Patz: It’s just like any other day.

Me: Is that because there’s no-one for you to spend it with?

B. Patz: It’s more that I haven’t found the right person to spend it with?

Me: Has your Mum ever sent you a card?

B.Patz: *laughs* No.

Me: Do you think you’ll ever enjoy it?

B.Patz: Maybe, in the future.

Me: Are you bitter that you don’t have Valentine’s Day to spend with?

B. Patz: Not really.

Me: Cool, thanks B. Patz.

Being alone on Valentine’s Day feels more lonely than other days, due to all the lovey-dovey imagery surrounding you. It seems to me as if Valentine’s Day is almost universally not-cared-about/hated by teenagers.

Admittedly, my samples aren’t very different from one another. Five single males and one female, who is in a relationship.

However, we all agreed that Valentine’s Day is pretty much useless and not worth caring about, likely due to all having bad memories of it. (Yeah, sorry Danielle…)

So, perhaps you had a better go at Valentine’s Day?


7 Responses to “Valentine’s Day”

  1. Kate January 26, 2012 at 7:57 pm #

    For someone so famous, I’m surprised that you don’t have more comments on your posts. Just discovered your blog and your “rise to fame” (re: Crohn’s Disease) whilst researching Burzynski…

    I wanted to say that I’m coupled, and the two of us believe that V-Day is a waste. I despise everything about this “Hallmark” holiday. I feel personally insulted when I see commercials trying to convince me that in order to feel loved, my partner must buy diamonds, or flowers, or candy, or some other such nonsense.

    Rather than being bitter about not being coupled, I suggest that you direct your bitterness at the notion that we must be coupled to be happy, and furthermore that our love is only real if we show it with material things.

    Also, if it means anything, I think you are pretty awesome. I was quite shocked to find that you are a teenager and am immensely impressed by your intelligence, writing skills, and use of logic (which, as you know, is something most people are severely lacking in).

  2. Pia February 14, 2011 at 11:45 pm #

    You’re not alone in your sentiments about V day, believe me. I had to sit through my brother getting married (and was expected to be happy about it), while living with the knowledge that I can’t get arrested in a prison if I tried. LOL I really hate Valentine’s day.

  3. Pia February 14, 2011 at 11:42 pm #

    You’re not alone on your sentiments about V day, believe me. I had to suffer through watching my brother get married today while I live with the knowledge that I can’t get arrested in a prison if I wanted to. LOL In short, I feel your pain.

  4. Father February 14, 2011 at 10:07 pm #

    Awww!!!! Bless!!!!
    Didn’t someone special send you a Valentine message/blogpost/podcast?????

    • Rhys Morgan February 14, 2011 at 10:17 pm #

      And now perhaps you realise just why I don’t have the courage to ask a girl out?

  5. Daniel Pope February 14, 2011 at 9:02 pm #

    I hope I don’t receive any VD cards. They sound itchy.

    “I select you. Naturally.” sounds cute but if you think what it entails it’s pretty raunchy. It’s like a chat-up line that says “Hey baby, how about we demonstrate the fitness of your genome?”

    • Marianne February 14, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

      If I were an enzyme, I’d be DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes


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