A Poem about Calcium Carbonate

As promised on Twitter, here is my calcium carbonate poem.

This was not a task for English, but for chemistry instead.
This might prove to some that I am not an airhead! 😉


Calcium carbonate 500mgs
Plus glucose, fruit flavours and a couple of Es.
Packed into round tablets, they look quite a treat.
Rolled into a tube, all ready to eat.

Calcium supplement if you are deficient,
Antacid if your stomach’s a bit too efficient
at acid production. It can be quite a pain.
Acid reflux, or heartburn can be calmed down again.

The name of the product you should definitely choose
Is Tums. You’ve really got nothing to lose!
Buy them at a pharmacy, a pack of 75.
Without acid reflux, you’ll feel alive!

Constipation and nausea are minor side effects,
But think of the oesophagus that it protects!
Suitable for children aged over six,
Be sure to speak to any relevant medics.

Sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline

(Note: Poem not sponsored by GSK!)


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