First ASA Win!

Yay! My first ASA win is no longer under “embargo”. I’ve decided that, for the sheer hell of it, I will post a copy of my complaint about this website. Check the Freezepages to see what they were and the non-Freezepage links to see what they are now.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you to complain about the website: (Backup link:
I recorded these details at 00:13 on the 1st March, 2011.
The only details for the company that I can find are it’s phone number and email address, which are as follows:
Phone number: 0161 870 8058
1. The name “Miracle Mineral Supplement” implies that it is a product supplementing the body, as something the body requires. I do not believe that the producer,, has any evidence to support this claim.
2. The front page of the website makes the claim:
“Miracle Mineral Supplement is a powerful substance which has been shown to greatly assist in the healing process.”
I doubt that have any evidence to support the claim that Miracle Mineral Supplement has been shown to “greatly assist in the healing process.”
“MMS was invented by Jim Humble and has spent more than 8 years of testing around the world of people who suffer from different conditions such as malaria, HIV and cancer. There are many studies that can be found on the internet showing the result of using MMS and from people’s testimonials of using the product and for the most part the results have been extremely positive.”
This clearly implies that MMS is suitable for treating conditions such as malaria, HIV and cancer. I doubt that have any evidence to back up these claims.
4. On this page – (Backup link: of the website, there is a long list of claims for what “MMS can be used for”. The conditions that the website claims MMS can treat are as follows:
  1. Acne
  2. Abscessed Teeth
  3. Asthma
  4. Burns
  5. Most Cancers
  6. Cysts
  7. Colds, Flu
  8. Diabetes
  9. Dandruff
  10. Gingivitis
  11. Hepatitis A, B, C
  12. Heartburn
  13. Insect bites
  14. Malaria
  15. Pneumonia
  16. Sore throats
  17. Sebaceous
  18. Urinary Tract Infections
  19. Warts
  20. Weight Loss
This is a long list of very different conditions. I very strongly doubt that have any evidence to verify any of these claims of conditions.
I also make the point that it is illegal for anyone but registered medical and scientific personnel to claim to treat or cure cancer under Cancer Act 1939. I doubt that are registered medical or scientific personnel, and therefore put to you that this website is both misleading and illegal.
5. The website contains a testimonial entitled “MMS Testimonial – One Man’s Story” which can be found here (Backup link:
I have included a copy of the testimonial:
“I have been using MMS now for seven weeks, and would like to relate the following improvements in my health. My lifelong battle with REFLUX/HEARTBURN/ACID GUT seems to be over. That all disappeared after four days and hasn’t come back. (My system succumbed to beer and chips and other assorted rubbish one day, but a scheduled daily dose of MMS knocked it on the head within a few minutes).My lifelong weakness of too much mucus in the nose and throat at most times has been reduced noticeably to a “no problem” level. I now get an incredible good night’s sleep every night, dream vividly, and my wife says my snoring is less. My lifelong weakness to catching the common colds and being very susceptible to any virus or flu going around seems to be over. During the last seven weeks I deliberately exposed myself to catch a cold several times, I did get it, and knocked it on the head within hours (only experienced a few sneezes, and slight runny nose) then I was exposed to a severe flu virus, after two days I had a ticklish throat and a few sneezes, here we go I thought. I took a double dose of Miracle Mineral Supplement before going to bed that night and woke up the next day as right as rain. I expect my cholesterol count to have lowered, and my fear of cancer from my enlarged prostrate has subsided. Many other minor problems were experienced during the last seven weeks, and it is enough for me to say I AM HOOKED ON THE STUFF FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE”.
Statements in testimonials need to also be backed up by evidence. This testimonial strongly implies that MMS can help with all of the issues mentioned.
I doubt that can substantiate the claims made in this testimonial that MMS is effective in treating:
  • Reflux/Heartburn/Acid Gut (also known as acid reflux)
  • The issue of “too much mucus in the nose and throat”
  • Snoring
  • Common colds
  • Viruses
  • Flus
  • High cholesterol
  • Cancer risk, due to enlarged prostate
I am complaining as a concerned member of the public and wish to confirm I have no commercial interest.
Many thanks,

Rhys Morgan

Published by Rhys

Computer Science graduate, from Oxford Brookes University. Originally from Cardiff.

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  1. I guarantee that ingestion of bleach in a suitably large quantity will cure all of those problems and permanently remove any suffering the patient might be experiencing, notwithstanding specific beliefs in an afterlife…

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