MMS Seminars

I’ve received a heads up from Jim’s newsletter that he will be holding another seminar on MMS very soon.

Marianne and I have discussed his seminars on Super-Duper Woo-Fighting Duo (with capes!) before  Super-Duper Woo-Fighting Duo (with capes!)

Basically, to sum them up though, Jim is in the Dominican Republic. This has been verified a number of times including geolocating his IP address. From this little “hideout” of his, he runs seminars where he tells his disciples what to do with MMS, including but not limited to: shoving it up your bottyhole, sitting in a bag of it and intravenously.

Worse than this (if it can get any worse), he then takes this around the Dominican Republic and Haiti, where people need real medicine, with his disciples. Oh, and did I mention, Jim charges $1000 all in. But remember, Jim doesn’t make ANY money from this… He’s altruistic like that.

So, the all important dates for Jim’s next seminar?

February 14th – 24th.

What can we do about it? Obviously, we need to inform the right people about this. But who? Suggestions are very welcome. Please leave them in comments below/message me on Twitter/email me.

P.S. Jim is writing a new eBook – JOY! Looks like the podcast won’t be lacking in material any time soon!

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