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  1. Hello,

    I would like to start off by congratulating you on your good work to highlight the appalling scam over the use of sodium chlorite for medical purposes. That is just taking advantage of vulnerable people.

    A couple of things come to mind. Firstly, had you considered asking your local MP to directly write to the Secretary of State for Health, the Rt Hon Andrew Lansley MP, to perhaps ask him something along the lines of “What can the Department of Health and its agencies do within the UK and European Union to restrict the sale and advertisement of sodium chlorite for false medicinal purposes?”? Some background information (a couple of pages max.) could also be included as well.

    That will take some weeks/a couple of months for a reply. If you are not satisfied with the reply, what you can do is copy the Secretary of State’s reply letter, and set out your own concerns and send that material to the Health Select Committee which oversees, and holds to account, the Department of health and its ministers (

    Good luck with highlighting this important issue.

    With regards,


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