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I have a bit of *news* about *me*!

The Good

I am mere days away from turning 18! From the 22nd October, I will be able to buy alcohol, vote in elections and other things that only adults are allowed to do!

I’m going to be speaking for two Skeptics in the Pub events in the coming weeks as well. First is London Skeptics in the Pub on the 30th October in The Monarch Bar in Camden. Click here for more details!

I’ll also be speaking for Kingston Skeptics in the Pub alongside Suman Biswas on the 1st November! Click here for more details!

Also, I am done with Cardiff High School. After a messy relationship involving far too much censorship for my liking, and some dodgy AS level results, I decided to call it quits. So instead of doing A levels, I’m studying for a BSc (Hons) in Health Sciences with the Open University!

Another really cool thing I’ve been doing recently is building the website for a group of doctors. The website tackles the subject of health screening – something that isn’t as clear cut as you might believe. Go and check it out!

The Bad

However, there are some not so cool things happening too – the main one being that I seem to be going through a mild/moderate Crohn’s flare up. I’ve been having mild-moderate symptoms on and off for months, but assumed it would clear up the next time I had my infliximab. Despite my bloods being normal, a calprotectin test has shown otherwise and yes, I am having a Crohn’s flare up. Hmph.

The Ugly


So anyway, that’s basically what’s been happening/what’s going to be happening with me. Fun stuff!

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  1. Hi rhys. I just found out about you via the sceptics in the Pub and wanted to say WELL DONE! your tenacity and good common sense restore my faith in young people. I read your blog about your exeriences on the “support” forum and had an attack of deja vu! The same thing happened to me a few years back when I became involved with a “support” forum for parents of autistic children. I got into a row with other members when I refused to agree that my children’s autism could have been caused by the MMR. All the exact same arguments used by people against you were used against me (practically word for word!) the same hostility and the same reaction from the people running the group (ie I was thrown out for “making trouble”). Sad to know that there is just so much dangerous misinformation out there, but good to know there are lots of people willing to stand up for common sense! Best wishes and keep up the good work.

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